A quickie about sustainable efforts as an individual.

Happy new year, everyone! It’s Minna, back here again on the digital plane. How are you?

I’m feeling a need to approach this year with sustainable intentions, meaning continuing my low buy with more earnest and lowering my consumption. I actually encountered this quote in a Youtube comment that I need to reiterate here.

A 4% decrease in consumption from many is stronger than 100% less consumption from a few.

We beat ourselves and each other about how we should all be zero waste, and it’s incredibly discouraging for that to happen. Also, habits do not change overnight and we must allow ourselves some kindness in our efforts and intentions to become more sustainable in our daily actions.

If you are reading this and feel bad that you are not buying from an expensive eco-clothing brand , or have not switched all your hygiene products to LUSH, or have not been to a no-packaging bulk store. Don’t fret. I trust that you are trying in so many other ways.

Whether it is bringing reusable bags to the grocery store a couple times a month, decreasing your shopping habits, and many more ‘lesser consumption’ actions, you are making an impact. Because collectively, if we all do our part in lessening our consumption by 4%, the impact is no less important, if not stronger.

Keep up the good work, you eco-champ you.

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