Switching to Zero Waste Alternatives

This week gently pushed me towards the start of switching disposable items for reusable alternatives.

I had always been looking for cutlery that can easily be carried around. My boyfriend and I always like to try new eats during our bike rides around town during the summer. Takeout food always came with a pair of fork and knife. Sometimes, I would find myself at a sales meeting with catering service without reusable cutlery, which is silly given that it is held in a company that supplies glassware and stainless steel cutlery in their kitchens. I got tired of single use cutlery and got myself this all-in-one at MEC.

I shall dub thee ‘sporknife‘.

Yes, it is made of plastic, but it will replace potentially hundreds of other ones. They last longer, and are more compact than bamboo ones, because I don’t want to carry so many things. While researching for more organic materials, I found that there have been reviews saying the bamboo would splinter while they are eating or would go through water damage if they are not dried immediately after wash. I figured that I would not have to replace mine as much because it is a hardier material.

One qualm I do have is that the handle is not long enough for me to not touch the end of the utensil. What if I want to eat a salad and soup in the same meal? I would not want to put the end into my food if I had just touched it or get my hand dirty from the soup residue while eating my salad.

I had to get into work early this week because it is currently a busy season. Just when I got out of the subway, Hudson’s Bay was giving out freebies in small linen bags. Inside, there were metal reusable straws with a pipe-cleaner! I think the universe is giving me the first push towards zero waste. I was actually looking for pouch to put my metal bubble tea straw and new sporknife. Here is what my final, zero waste set looks like:

When it comes to at home improvements, I bought 100% cotton grocery bags to put vegetables or future beans & grains in.

Also, I have been prepping for future purchases at bulk stores like spices. Instead of buying new containers, I saved jars from pasta sauces and baby food. It’s like getting a two-in-one deal, where you would get both food and a free container!

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