February : Low Buy – The month that should not have happened | Minnamalism

It almost feels wrong to write a post for February because I went absolutely bonkers at the end of the month from my vacation to Japan & Taiwan.

During the first couple of weeks, I spent next to nothing other than the essentials because I wanted to save up for my trip.

I tried to pack lightly, but that screwed me over. Taiwan is generally a humid country and much warmer than Canada, Japan as well (minus the humidity). So, why bother packing in layers that I won’t be using? Boy, was I wrong. I was freezing during the first two days in Taiwan and got seriously sick with the shivers and a bad cold. That’s why I ended buying a long sleeve sleep set ($12), an Ultra Light Down Jacket ($70), and a pair of work pants ($12) while I’m at it.

Muji was relatively cheaper in Japan than Canada, so I picked up a wool cape ($30) for the office and a cashmere scarf ($35). Finally, I found a pair of perfect workpants in the summer because my current position doesn’t really allow for shorts in the office.

Finally, I bought tons of presents to bring back to the family, Daiso Japan organization haul and zero waste alternatives.

Admittedly not the best month, but will recoup in March!

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