January 2019 : No Buy | Minnamalism

Another month has passed by and things were tough! I am the biggest sucker for sales.

sadie leopard-print boot
These beauties almost unraveled my resolve.

J.Crew is closing its Toronto stores so there was a 70% sale and I came across these amazing leopard print booties. It’s called the Sadie Ankle Boot with a steep price of $312, but with the 70% off, it would have came up to $93.60 (plus tax would be $105.77). I’ve always wanted a pair of leopard print shoes because it gave such a kick to a simple outfit, but do I actually need it? Not at all. It’s just so easy to cave into a sale, because in our minds we think that we are saving money. Actually, we are still spending money, the only difference is we would be spending less than the usual price. The store never gave us any money back. Besides, how can they give us something that was always ours – our hard-earned money? So, back onto the shelf you go, dear beautiful hoes.

Great jacket, doubles as a liner.

Temptation didn’t stop there. Uniqlo is such a big weakness of mine and I’ve been eyeing their Ultra Light Down Jacket in Orange for the past few months It’s less of an orange in person, but rather a pinkish-red tone. I was looking at it after I purchased my Aritzia wool coat last year. It was warm up until Canada decides to cut Fall short after two weeks so this would be amazing to extend my coat usage to a couple more months. Also, it would serve as another jacket! Its original price is $99.90, but it went on sale for $79.90. The thing about Uniqlo is that they recycle classic staples and their sales always come back so you will never miss it. So, I’m good – thanks.

My current Birkenstock are about seven years old, resoled once. It’s been through university with me, a few summer jobs as a lifeguard, and many long walks in the summer sun. I use to bring a pair of flip flops to wear in its place just in case it rained that day. I visited MEC and saw the exact ones on sale for $100, when the original price is $115. It’d be nice to get a replacement, but mine are still going strong.


I admit it, I love shoes. Can’t stay away from them. Whenever I browse online, I will always be checking for shoes each session. Have been eyeing these Doc Martens Boots with a short walk-able heel. Don’t they look absolutely badass? But, after reading the reviews, looks like there is a faulty zipper issue that comes with the boot. So, saved $160 here.

Another thing that I did to save money was cut my own hair… again. Once you do it the first time, you’ll wonder why you would ever pay for this again.

How much did we save this month by not purchasing any of the mentioned items this month? Let’s do the math:

1. J.Crew Leopard Print Sadie Ankle Boot : $93.60
2. Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Jacket: $79.90
3. Birkenstock Mayari Leather Sandals: $100
4. Haircut: $50
5. Doc Martens Boots: $160

Coach Bowery Chelsea Bootie
A staple boot in a curated closet.

Instead, what did I buy this month? In terms of new articles of clothing – nada. But, I did take something into repair. My Coach Bowery Chelsea Boots were getting worn down on the heel. The thing about resoling shoes with wooden heels is that you need to catch it before the rubber cap wears to the wood part. Sent it over to Moneysworth & Best for a quick $25 job over the weekend and bam! New boots.


I bought something that will add value to my content creation this month. This phone tripod and Bluetooth remote for automatic photo-taking abilities! As I am moving out, I won’t have access to the family DSLR camera for videos and I find that my phone has a high quality camera already. So by adapting my current tripod with this phone holder, I will be able to continue producing video without having to stack and lean my camera on miscellaneous/precarious items.

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