Rules of the Game | No Buy 2019

Oh hey, look here. I’m trying this No Buy thing again. For real this time.

Here are the rules:
– No more clothes for 2019, except for $300 for emergency replacements
– No jewelry
– No books, getting an e-reader has been a blessing
– No home decor or homeware
– No impulse purchases, must have been thought of for at least six months
– Limit eating out to 4 times a month

When I was looking at my last year’s total expenses, clothing was the largest money drain with nothing to show.

What can I buy:
– Essentials, to avoid living like a savage such as basic toiletries, cleaning supplies
– Basic groceries, does not include eating out
– Rent
– Utilities
– Spotify subscription

What I am cancelling:
– My Amazon Prime subscription, for environmental and anti-purchasing reasons
– Possibly Goodlife gym membership, since my company has a gym which I ended up using more than the other last year

I will probably need to evaluate some areas given the fact that I may be moving out sometime this year. So, I might need to purchase some home items.

Also, every month I will have a wrap up post to document everything that I wanted to buy that month but (hopefully) did not end up purchasing. By revisiting everything that I wanted to purchase, I will be able to see all the money I ended up saving for other more productive areas of my life.

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