Falling off the Minimalism bandwagon

I’ve heard about Minimalism about two years ago just when I had graduated university and worked a bit. Because I started to make a bit of money and the freedom to buy the things I’ve always wanted, I went a bit out of control. It all started with me searching for ‘How to stop shopping’ to ‘Do I having a shopping addiction?”. I just knew at one point, I was accumulating too much stuff, spending too much, and not putting enough money towards to my student debt.

That’s when I stumbled across Minimalism. The notion of having enough was not foreign to me, having grown up in an immigrant household, but it was suddenly having the ability to call my own shots. This newfound financial freedom spun me out of control. If I didn’t keep every receipt and manually input it into my monthly budget sheet, I probably wouldn’t have been able to see exactly how much I was spending that could have gone towards my loan. Eventually I cut back on my unnecessary expenses such as food and clothes.

After paying my loan off, I wanted to continue the same lifestyle. Watching and listening to all these people on Youtube leading a zero waste, minimalist lifestyle, as well as the Netflix movie ‘Minimalism’ made me want to be part of that community. I was going after that feeling of being immune to advertising, the need to be happy with who I was and what I have. There was so much buzz surrounding it that it was hard to not be caught up in the decluttering frenzy.

But the clutter came back. Then I would declutter again. And on it goes. The cycle of feeling enough, and then not enough kept going. Work has been stressful and sometimes you need that quick fix of instant satisfaction with a register at the counter. You can listen to all these talks about minimalism, or cyclically declutter your stuff, but if you don’t actually believe in it, then you’re bound to continue in that vicious cycle.

There’s always more to acquire and want. The real power is recognizing that you don’t need it and being able to say ‘No’. This girl ain’t hoping off the bandwagon anytime soon.

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